Raised Access Floor Grommets

A raised floor grommet is a small, typically circular, fitting used in data centers and office spaces with raised flooring systems. It’s designed to manage cables and wires efficiently while maintaining the integrity of the raised floor’s surface.

  1. Material: Raised floor grommets are usually made of durable materials like ABS plastic or metal to withstand the weight and pressure of foot traffic on the raised floor.

  2. Design: They often have a sleek and low-profile design to seamlessly integrate into the raised floor tiles without causing any obstruction.

  3. Functionality: The primary function of a raised floor grommet is to provide a neat and organized way to route cables and wires from under the raised floor to the equipment above. They prevent cables from snagging or getting damaged and help maintain proper airflow within the data center.

  4. Installation: Raised floor grommets are typically installed by cutting a hole in the raised floor tile and inserting the grommet securely into place. They may have features like adjustable sizing to accommodate various cable diameters.

  5. Features: Some raised floor grommets come with additional features such as brush strips or flexible flaps to provide a seal around the cables, reducing the escape of cool air and maximizing energy efficiency.

Overall, raised floor grommets play a crucial role in maintaining the organization and efficiency of cable management in environments where raised flooring systems are utilized.


Sealing cable openings in data centres is proven to improve the cooling efficiency of the installation. The Air-Guard range of cable grommets has been developed with the assistance of leading data centre engineers to provide a comprehesive range of sealing solutions for both new and legacy installations. The Air-Guard range of cable grommets is not found wanting in terms of sealing performance and uniquely is specifically made from flame retardant materials. This makes Air-Guard not only the cool choice but also the safer choice when specifying sealing grommets for your project.

GTAG7 – AIR-GUARD Extreme Split Grommet


Opening 185 mm x 120 mm

Cut Out 230 mm x 165 mm

Designed to seal existing openings in Raised Floor tiles to mitigate air flow through the aperture.


RRP £77.00 ex VAT

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AirGuard Raised Floor Air-Seal Grommet

The GTAG7 double seal system – overlapping brushes and neoprene gasket work together to provide the best “no nonsense” air sealing cable grommet. The gasket is an air tight membrane which centres cables within the grommet preventing edge brush crush, the overlapping brush then seals around cables. The unit also comes supplied with all fitting hardware and more importantly a safety cover. This means the unit can be installed well in advance of computer racks without compromising safety. The GTAG7 is easy to cable and the neoprene gasket stretches to accommodate large cable bundles. All of this adds up to making the GTAG7 the best value large brush grommet on the market.

The GTAG7 is now the brush grommet of preference for many leading Data Centres and it’s easy to see why……

  • Double air seal – Brush and twin layer gasket
  • Flame retardant frame – V0 fire rated brush and gasket
  • Free Hi-Vis SAFETY LID – Ideal during Data Centre fit-out
  • Features “Better Seal” overlapping brush system plus alignment gasket
  • Cut-out template and fitting hardware supplied
  • Overall dimension – 275mm x 210mm x 38mm

GTAG10 Retro Fit Air-Guard

 The GTAG10 grommet is a 2 piece unit designed to be installed over an existing cabled or piped openings up to 127mm in diameter. The unit is made from V0 flame retardant ABS resin and each half features a curved brush and lower gasket layer. When installed the centripetal bristle design and gasket combine to form a tight air seal. To facilitate installation in addition to fixing screws the back of the ABS outer rim is fitted with a heavy duty peel and stick adhesive foam. The GTAG10 is easy to install and seals unsightly openings forming a seal around cables eliminating air loss or drafts.

 Seals cable openings quickly and effectively

  • Reduces / eliminates by-pass air in data centres
  • Aesthetically improves the cabled area
  • No special fixing tools required
  • Seals an opening up to 127mm in diam

  RRP £49.00 ex VAT

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