Below you will find details about the various Raised Access Flooring installation services that we provide, contact us via our contact us page if you require any further information.  You may also wish to look at the results of previous projects undertaken by us here.


All makes and types of Raised Access Flooring for all applications can be supplied and installed. All drawings are taken off using state of the art digitisers to precisely plan your material requirement and provide a detailed, accurate and competitive estimate. We’ve been specializing in design and install of raised access flooring for over 25 years. 


If you have an existing installation that requires modification or spares, we can match any tile or under-structure, even though it may have been installed some time ago. Why dispose of your existing floor when 99% of the time it can be refurbished?!

We currently have at our disposal, one of the largest stocks of raised Access Flooring in the UK. Contact us to find out more!



We will install your materials anywhere in the world (local laws permitting). We provide experienced and skilled labour, expert in the installation of flooring systems and environments. For further information on completed projects by The Access Flooring Company please take a look at previous projects undertaken by us here.


We are totally independent and will give you straightforward, impartial advice on products available in the market to suit your particular needs. If you are unhappy with a floor installed by another company, we will give you a full and detailed report followed by recommendations for remedial courses of action. We also design details to overcome any problems associated with the raised flooring system installation during a particular building project.
Raised Access Flooring Installation
Raised Access Flooring Installation