Raised Access Flooring Pedestals

All Steel adjustibe Raised Floorign Pedestals, standard finsih zinc passivation designed to last 50 years in internal conditions. Access Flooring Pedestals come in a variety of sizes. At heighrs above 400mm it is reccomended to use a stringer which is a horizontal bar between the pedestal head which aids stability at height.

Pedestals are normally used with a head hasket which ensures the panel is correctly seated and can be fixed to your sub-floor with a polyurethane adhesive or mechanical fixings. For further advice please contact us.

Raised Access Floor Pedestals

We supply Raised Access Flooring Pedestals for all different types of raised flooring installations, we have vast experience in the industry – please contact us today to discuss your needs. We offer bulk discount on all product orders so please call us if you wish to place an order and we can guarantee you our best deals!