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Lindner FLOOR and More

 The FLOOR and more® dry hollow floor system offers impressive in-built properties and state-of-the-art technology. This product is formed by gluing a pedestal substructure to panels made from calcium sulphate – a non-combustible material with superlative structural and physical properties.

What also makes FLOOR and more®  such an attractive offering for your project is that it also offers outstanding levels of soundproofing and can be fully loaded after one day – the ideal product for almost any field of application. This type of flooring is mostly found in use in the following applications: Recreation and culture, workplace, education, hotels and gastronomy, healthcare, public areas, transport, industrial , cruise liners and ships, public institutions and residential dwellings.

Additionally, once installed, the floor system is impervious to smoke and combines superb underfoot comfort with minimal weight. As a manufacturer, we can determine the choice of raw materials used, making it possible to adjust the mixture to the wishes of our clients as well as to their respective markets.

The Institute of Building Biology in Rosenheim recommends FLOOR and more® as an environmentally friendly building material. Lindner’s gypsum panels are virtually emission-free.

It can be combined with many other access flooring systems, offering a great degree of flexibility. There is also a limitless choice of floor coverings.

  • quick installation
  • ready to use after 24 hours
  • jointless surface
  • wide choice of coverings
  • recommended by the Institute for Building Biology, Rosenheim

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Cinema Creation using Lindner Floor and More

The cinema ASTOR FILMTHEATER in Brunswick, Germany is equipped with our hollow floor system FLOOR and more® arena. In the video you get an impression of the procedure of the implementation work