computer room, server room and data center flooring

Computer Access Flooring / Server Rooms & Data Centers

Computer and Server Rooms require raised flooring that has different properties to that of a standard office raised flooring system.  The system will be similar to a standard raised flooring in that the server room floor tiles / panels will be 600mm x 600mm and supported on pedestals but the system will also incorporate the additional features below.

  • Increased finished floor system heights for additional services and temperature control normal 300mm – 800mm.
  • Floor panels with static control finishes factory bonded, such as Static Dissipative Vinyl or High Pressure Laminates.
  • Increased weight bearing abilities, normally Heavy Grade or Extra Heavy Grade Systems.
  • Anti Static Flooring (essential for your server room)
  • Metal components may have nickel or powder coatings in preference to zinc passivation to mitigate the risk of “zinc whiskers’.

Heavy Grade Raised Flooring with High Pressure Laminate Finish

raised access flooring tiles

Heavy Grade Raised Flooring with Anti-Static Polyflor Steel Grey Vinyl Covering

raised access flooring tiles

CRAC Units – Computer Room Air Conditioners

A video from YouTube explaining how cooling is achieved in a Data Centre utilising a Raised Floor as a Plenum

Ramps with Stainless Steel Handrail

computer room, server room and data center flooring

Steps with Stainless Steel Handrail

computer room, server room and data center flooring

Air Handling Grommets

When the computer or server room is cooled by way of air conditioning down flow units, it is essential that the cool air reaches the hot aisles via server room raised floor tiles.

Air leakage through the raised floor system is mitigated by the use of brush seal grommets at the cable and service penetration points.

The server room floor tiles in a raised floor system are engineered around air flow and with the correct grommets in place you can maximize air flow and keep your important assets working correctly and your business flowing.

air handling raised floor grommet
raised floor air grill

Raised Floor Air Handling Grill

Also there may be extensive use of Air Handling Units that control the climate cooling and room temperature within the facility. The air is normally distributed by use of the floor void as a plenum. Then circulated using full panel aluminium Airgrills as illustrated in the picture adjacent. All our data center, computer room and server room flooring can be built and tailored to your specific requirement, please contact us and we will prepare a detailed brief for your project. Data center floor tiles are our speciality and we specialize in computer room installations and we have many years direct experience in the flooring trade.