Intercell – Space Saving Low Profile Floor System

Intercell is a lightweight, space-saving, low-profile raised floor management system for structuring and managing cabling from computers, printers and other equipment under the floor. It’s also highly effective for underfloor heating and central heating. Ideal for spaces with floor to ceiling height restrictions, its simple construction consists of upright steel pedestals and top-plates, creating a solid, stable surface for carpet tiles. Floor-boxes provide easy and flexible access to power and networking.

Intercell Product Video

Intercell low void systems are quick and easy to install, and require no drilling. And once it’s in position, workspace refurbishment or reorganisation is much simpler and less disruptive than with other cable management systems or traditional raised access flooring. Intercell benefits:

  • Allows an office space with no visible cables
  • Suitable for spaces with limited floor-to-ceiling height
  • Highly adaptable to change
  • Standard access options and floor boxes
  • Easy accessibility
  • Maximum cabling capacity in a space of minimal height compatibility
  • Structured cabling ‘pathways’ to allow for tidy cable management
  • Better security
  • Lightweight solution

Intercell Installation Video

A video outlining the the methods and tools required to install the Intercell flooring system. For more information feel free to contact us and we will be pleased to help. You may also wish to check out our FAQ page to take a look at some of the most common questions we come across.