What finishes are suitable for Raised Flooring ?

Almost any finish can be applied to a raised floor panel. The only question is whether you will require access to the void.

In the event you need access to the void after the application of the finish, you will require a finish that can be easily removed with minimal disruption or the finish will need to be permanently fixed to the surface of the raised floor panel.

There are examples of fnishes and products that can fulfill both these criteria

Panels with Permanently bonded Finishes

For the best result when a natural finish is required, such as stone, porcelain or wood, these are bonded directly to the raised floor panel.

This allows the panel and the finish to be lifted in one quick operation, These panels are highly suited to retail environments or public areas where it may be necessary to get to services in the void quickly for maintenance or re-configuration but project the luxury that these natural materials can bring.

Finishes for Standard Metal Raised Floor Panels.

Modular Carpet TIles

The most common finish on a raised floor panel is a modular carpet tile.

These are normally 500mm x 500mm and are laid so as to be off grid to the grid of the raised floor, they are held in place by adhesive which  is non permanent and called a “tackifier”. This allows the carpet to be easily removed and replaced and therefore access to the raised floor panel is achieved with minimal disruption.

Modular Vinyl Tiles

Expona Simplay by Polyflor

In the same way that carpet tiles are fitted, Vinyl tiles can be applied to the raised floor in a variety of textures and finishes that emulate stone,concrete or wood.

Manufactured in the UK these finishes are durable and aethetically pleasing.