JVP Raised Access Flooring

Exceptional Engineering and Quality make JVP Raised Flooring the professionals choice.

JVP Raised Floor Panel systems are manufactured in Italy to an exceptionally high standard on a fully automated state of the art manufacturing facility. The resulting Raised floor panels are exceptional in quality, performance and dimensional tolerance. Panels are manufactured to fulfil a wide number of UK and European specifications.

The Systems come in Gravity Lay or Corner-Lock Systems; all are low maintenance and designed to provide maximum flexibility and access to the services contained within the sub-floor void.

What Makes JVP Floors So Special ?

What makes JVP Access Flooring panels unique is a special patented design and manufacturing process that actually folds together the top and bottom sheet to seal the particleboard core.

This creates an amazingly strong panel and allows it to have the strength of thicker panels. At only 29mm thick it is the best performing panel at this thickness as typically panels in this category are 31mm or more.

One can see from the construction that it is impossible for the panel to de-laminate in normal conditions. Take a look at the diagrams on the right for a closer look on how JVP Raised Floors are constructed. Contact us if you require further information for your project.